RJ Silva is a writer and creative producer. Born and raised in Manila, he moved to America at 13 years old and has lived in Phoenix, Orlando, and Chicago. Starting with CIRCA Pintig in 2013 during his years at Loyola University Chicago, he graduated with a BA in Theatre and worked in the themed entertainment industry as a producer for Walt Disney Imagineering. Now back in Chicago, he is the producing associate for CIRCA Pintig, assisting in planning and productions, and has performed for CIRCA Pintig in ‘ALLOS: The Story of Carlos Bulosan’ and ‘Daryo’s All-American Diner.’ Outside of CIRCA Pintig, RJ is a co-founder and producer of The Ampliverse, a multimedia channel that celebrates pop culture without the toxicity of exclusivity through podcasts and writing. RJ is also a writer for the screen and stage. RJ-Silva.com