Racial Healing & Subversion of Hate


Monthly Community Workshops Series – Racial Healing and the Subversion of Hate

An interactive conversation on confronting the impact of racial violence and the role of the arts in subverting the culture of hate against Asian Americans 3rd Thursday of Each Month, 7:00-8:30 pm CDT – drop in anytime.

To register, email: ginger@circapintig.org

April 22 – Session 1:
“You don’t belong here, Go back to where you come from!”

May 20 – Session 2:
Policing the Asian Body: Regulating ‘Otherness’ as Threat to White Privilege

June 18 – Session 3:
Interrogating the Asian Body in Western Storytelling: The Politics of Representation

July 16 – Session 4:
Pursuing a Counter-Narrative: De-racialising the diasporic body

August 20 – Session 5:
Is theatre Political or pure contemplation?

September 17 – Session 6:
Re-thinking Drama as Resistance in the Era of Anti-Asian Hate

October 22 – Session 7:
Creating Inclusive and Participatory Healing through the Arts & KAPWA psychology

November 19 – Session 8:
Sharing our Creative Expressions

DECEMBER 10 – International Human Rights Day Showcase – Monthly Beat