June 15, 2020

Mr. and Mrs. La Questa Go Dancing

Mr. and Mrs. LaQuesta shoes photo

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In honor of Pride Month, CIRCA Pintig is presenting a virtual stage reading of Noel Alumit’s Mr. and Mrs. La Questa Go Dancing on Friday, June 19th at 7 pm PST / 9 pm CDT / 10 pm EST

The reading is FREE & OPEN to the public, rsvp at this link: https://www.facebook.com/events/305934500439294/

WE URGE YOU TO PLEASE SUPPORT, your tax-deductible donation to CIRCA Pintig this month of June will benefit APAIT’s Housing Initiative, Auntie Mele’s House, for homeless LGBTQ+ individuals:

Many homeless individuals served have limited resources and rarely have access to basic necessities such as food, shelter, and clothing. APAIT’s Housing Initiative, Auntie Mele’s House aims to provide safe, affirming spaces that welcome these communities. With these donations, APAIT will be able to furnish the homes with cookware, appliances, bedding, and more. By providing these basic housing needs, we can make  Auntie Mele’s House into a home.

You may also make your donation directly to APAIT’s Housing Initiative, Auntie Mele’s House, for homeless LGBTQ+ individuals by making a tax-deductible donation at: https://www.apaitonline.org/donations

or by purchasing items on their Target Registry: Tinyurl.com/APAITCharityRegistry


Mr. and Mrs. La Questa Go Dancing
Friday, June 19th at 7 pm PST / 9 pm CDT / 10 pm EST  

About the Play

Noel Alumit’s Mr. & Mrs. LaQuesta Go Dancing, a one-act play about love and healing. Jay and Lori La Questa, a middle-aged Filipino couple, are having their annual dance party. Mixed with food and their usual rhythmic gait through tango and cha-cha, they gather friends as they always have to celebrate life and honor their only son, Boyett. To the outside world, the dance party may seem celebratory and candid but to their inner selves, it is a night of healing, reconciliation, and catharsis from an experience that altered their lives forever. And this they would do in a way they know best – through dancing. As they dance the night away, they find themselves retelling stories about their son, both bitter and sweet, finding new meaning from a past that continues to haunt them in their search for peace and acceptance.

Written by Noel Alumit, an LA-based an award-winning playwright and novelist famous for his coming-of-age novel Letters to Montgomery Clift, the play intimates hidden emotions about gender and sexuality, not your typical dinner table talk, especially in Filipino American households.

Featuring: Rommel Rojas, Ginger Leopoldo, George Infantado

Directed by Giovanni Ortega

Production Support: Noah G Ohashi

Colloquy with the Playwright & Artists will follow after the reading

RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/305934500439294/

Part of CIRCA Pintig’s Raising Voices Stage Reading Series.